Our unconventional boutique consulting firm was founded to manage, solve, and dissolve problems affecting leaders, managers, and organizations challenged to do more and better with less people, time, and resources. We deliver unique professional consulting services across a broad range of organizational and functional challenges to professionals of Federal, State, local, private, and global organizations. We provide the most prudent and research-informed recommendations and our approach is built around your priorities and outlook for now and the future.

We believe in corporate social citizenship and are doing what we can to support environmental stewardship and our veterans. We are indebted to our life-sustaining environment and are taking collaborative actions to perpetuate its health and welfare. In addition, we are committed to doing all we can to support veterans who have served, currently serving, and those who have given their lives in defense of our values and security.


  • The interest of our clients always come first. Your interest is the reason we are here and we will never lose sight of what is important to you.
  • We believe our success is a function of how well we honor our commitment to you. We do what we say and what we say you can trust. Honoring our commitment and delivering on our promise to you are how we measure success.
  • Our most important asset is our reputation. In relationships there is nothing more important than reputation. We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing our reputation so that you may never regret our relationship. Personal and professional integrity are the foundation of our interaction with you.
  • We take great pride in the professional quality of our work. We have unwavering determination to achieve excellence in everything we do and we are committed to providing services to exceed your evolving expectations and needs.
  • Developing a relationship with you is our priority. Our interaction with you is more than transactional. We long for a more meaningful engagement with you in order to share our values and learn more about your values and needs.
  • We believe in safeguarding those things that are important to you. We don’t take for granted the value of the things and information that are entrusted to us. As a result, we are committed to taking every prudent measure to retain your confidence in our ability to safeguard the things and information that are important to you.
  • We believe in making things and processes better, faster, lean, and less expensive. We will always provide our best judgement regarding innovation, change, preservation, and transformation.


We cherish and respect the dignity of all people. We are a proficient, trustworthy, and emphatic consulting firm rooted in the idea that all people have the innate ability to add value to their workplace, community, and our world.

Our culture mandates compel us to be:

  • Relational – not transactional
  • Focused on longterm and sustainable relationships
  • Exclusively focused on the needs of your business and never lose sight of what is important to you
  • Reliant on our discipline and work ethic gleaned from many years of military service, professional experience, and academic study
  • Driven by your business needs and the desire to exceed your expectation, and
  • The imperative for our products and deliverables to meet clearly defined standards of reliability, quality, timeliness, costs, and excellence.

We’re committed to ensuring our firm is rich in diverse competencies and culture, and we promote a culturally inclusive environment that embraces the unique contributions of our people.

What People Are Saying!

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The team at Lemmas Consulting is professional, knowledgable, and industrious.

Michael O’Bannon
CEO at EOP, Inc.

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The CEO is collaborative, innovative, and focused on creating value for customers.

Sara Iranpour
CEO at Technology Digest

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Systems Approach

The team is focused on the whole of the enterprise….they see and think in systems.

Lance Watson, Jr.

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They equip and empower people to increase profitability, and to solve, resolve, and manage challenges.

Dr. Barner
Physician Kaisier Permanente