Explore • Adapt • Exploit • Excel

Organizations and people must explore, adapt, exploit, and excel faster than their competitors to gain and retain meaningful competitive advantage. Adaptation is a critical learning system response to demands for reconfiguration of cognitive and operations processes. Let us help your organization excel by enabling it to learn, unlearn, relearn, adapt, and benefit from what it and we have learned.

Summary of Capabilities

Lemmas Consulting is an SDVOSB with experience and expertise in delivering timely mission-critical solutions to leadership, management, organizational, and AI challenges. We provide a scholar-practitioner, comprehensive, iterative, innovative, and adaptive approach to actual and anticipated challenges affecting private and public organizations. Our boutique and specialized client services approach are customized to the needs of our clients.

Summary of Services

Administrative and General Management Services

Our management professionals enable growth, costs avoidance, efficiency, and innovation to overcome the industry's most pressing challenges.

Organizational Performance, Management, and Learning

We think and work to achieve a functionally aligned, ambidextrous, and optimized organizations with enhanced decision-making capability.

Professional Development and Management Training

We empower talented professional, create continuous learning environments, enhance adaptiveness, and foster entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence Adoption and Acceptance

Our AI adoption design enhances receptivity to AI and it reduces risks to vulnerable employee populations.

Policy Evaluation and Evaluation Policies

We conduct policy context, structure, content, development, process, implementation, costs-benefit, and impact analysis.

Supportive Life and Career Coaching

Our constructivist approach to coaching is blended with our empathy and knowledge, and the history, needs, and aspirations of our clients.

Data Management, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security

Innovative design and development of IT applications and systems, information assurance, data management, cybersecurity, and cloud migration services.

Who We Are

Our unconventional boutique consulting firm was founded to manage, solve, and dissolve problems affecting leaders, managers, and organizations challenged to do more and better with less people, time, and resources.

Social Citizenship

We believe in corporate social citizenship and are doing what we can to support environmental stewardship and our veterans. We are indebted to our life-sustaining environment and are taking collaborative actions to perpetuate its health and welfare. In addition, we are committed to doing all we can to support veterans who have served, currently serving, and the families of those veterans who have given their lives in defense of our values and security.

High quality people + Optimized performance = Better return on investment!

Professionals and organizations trust us with their business. As a leading boutique consulting firm, we help our clients achieve their business objectives. Our client satisfaction is more than a metric, it’s everything we do!